What about a holiday stay in France, in one of its most beautiful islands!

beautiful islands

Without a doubt, Ile de Ré has all it takes to be your number one holiday destination as it’s filled with natural beauty and wilderness. Ile de Ré villas act as a perfect formula for a stay with friends or relatives. Visit this page to book your holiday in Ile de Re: www.myhomein-iledere.com

Its character is so unique that every year, tourists come together and usually opt for for villa rentals in their favorite Charente Maritime spot. Very close to La Rochelle, Ile de Re is known by its peace, quietness and convenience for those who come looking for rest in and relaxation. A villa rental is undoubtedly the best way to get to discover the heart and history of Ile de Re. Its heritage and well-protected ancient architecture are just some of the most common reasons for people to come spend a weekend or a holiday here.

White walls, blue and green shutters, colorful alleys and some of the best French natural settings offer a memorable stay in Ile de Ré for visitors of all ages. When it comes to physical activities, you will will be treated to lots of different activities when in a holiday villa rental in Ile de Ré, ranging from water skiing to sailing, canoeing and even yoga lessons, tennis and horseback riding.

With its stunning sceneries which are very emblematic of the Atlantic Ocean and its big range of attractions, Ile de Re is undoubtedly one of the best destinations you could ever dream to visit if you’re one of those travelers who look for a complete change of scenery. An Ile de Re holiday villa is the most satisfying way for you to experience the very warm atmosphere while going for a bike ride or even a horseback one.

You will be treated to a unique fauna and flora, amazing beaches, elegant dunes and very pleasant and intimate forests. From an Ile de Re villa rental, you will have the chance to easily reach the famous bike paths and avoid that immediate reflex of taking your car to whatever destination. In brief, if you are planning to go on vacation soon, book a villa in Ile-de- Ré immediately and uncover its best secrets.

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