Cottage refers to…


A cottage is a special holiday accommodation. It’s usually a small vacation house where tourists are allowed to act as it were their own during their whole stay.According to Wikipedia, the word cottage comes from England where it originally was a house that has a ground floor, with a first, lower storey of bedrooms which fit within the roofspace.

In numerous countries, cottage refers to a small old-fashioned dwelling. Nowadays, it refers to a cozy, modest house usually located in a semi-rural spot. In the UK the term cottage means a more or less narrow home of traditional build, however, it might also refer to modern dwellings designed to look like old ones (called "mockcottages").

The term cottage often refers to a small vacation house. Nonetheless, there are cottage-style constructions in urban areas that were designed mainly to house slaves, and in some countries like Canada for instance, the word commonly doesn’t refer to a size at all. It’s also good to know that In the United States, this kind of holiday dwelling is usually called a “chalet”, "cabin" or even "camp".

The country cottage remains an icon that carries multiple, often opposing, meanings. It has shaped the way that rural housing has been designed, built, and sold over a number of years.

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